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Mama D’s

This is not a Restaurant Review.  Yes, Mama D’s sells delicious Italian food to devoted patrons who line up every evening and wait outside for up to an hour while at least a dozen eateries within a five minute walk are half empty or half full depending on your mood du jour.  But no, this [...]

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Two Million Dollars Overdrawn with the Bank

 Two Million Dollars Overdrawn with the Bank John owned a very large automobile dealership in the Midwest but he felt like it owned him. His overhead was out of control. His debt load was mounting. Sales were consistently falling short of projections. He had a disgruntled former employee suing the company and he was two [...]

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Super Agent Workbook is Here!

Be inspired while you discover the five Super Powers and unleash the Super Agent in you!  The goal of this workbook is to help you change from a reader of Super Agent to a practitioner of its Super Powers. Find the Super Agent in you Receive your five Super Powers Start out fast Work with [...]

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